Sore Throat Management 101

Sore Throat Management 101 is a crash course that talks about the facts around sore throat: the signs, symptoms, and proper management.

Bactidol, in partnership with Watsons, has invited Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist, Dra. Tech Cruz and Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Dra. Anna Ong-Lim for this live online session, held last October 19 on Facebook Live, hosted by Apple Mendoza.

Here are the topics discussed:
00:03:04 - What is sore throat?
00:04:59 - What are the symptoms of sore throat?
00:07:03 - What causes sore throat?
00:11:50 - Is sore throat different in children compared to adults?
00:15:16 - How is sore throat related to viruses and other diseases?
00:19:06 - How do we treat sore throat?
00:21:35 - Oral antiseptic as a home remedy to sore throat.
00:26:46 - Fact or Fiction? - Sore throat can be caused by bacterial or viral infections.
00:27:57 - Fact or Fiction? Sore throat is how cough, colds, or flu starts.
00:29:29 - Fact or Fiction? Sore throat always goes away with home remedies like gargling saltwater, ginger tea, etc.
00:32:56 - Fact or Fiction? There are a lot of symptoms of sore throat aside from pain and itchiness
00:34:55 - Fact or Fiction? Sore throat is a sure sign of sickness
00:37:38 - Is it true that sweets and cold drinks may potentially cause sore throat?
00:40:50 - Does warm water help with soothing sore throat?
00:42:04 - How do oral antiseptics like Hexetidine work against sore throat?
00:43:07 - How long do I wait before I treat sore throat?
00:46:10 - How to treat mouth sores/ uvula irritation
00:49:30 - Possible effects of the long-term use of Hexetidine
00:53:08 - Can sore throat be caused by constant talking, shouting, straining of the voice?
00:54:31 - Does Allergic Rhinitis cause sore throat?
00:55:28 - Is bad breath related to a sore throat infection?