What is cough?

It is our body’s reflex to respond to irritants like mucus, germs or dust

What cough are you experiencing?

Itchy or Dry Cough

Symptoms: little to no mucus; ticklish and frequent cough; itch at the back of the throat

Causes:​ common colds; allergies; external triggers; gastric reflux

Cough Medicine to take:​ Antitussive ​​

Cough with Heavy Phlegm

Symptoms: Accompanied by colds, fatigue and post nasal drip​, which may lead to to heavy phlegm

Causes:​ Flu, Bacterial Infections

Cough Medicine to take:​ Expectorant/Mucolytic

Cough can also come with Sore Throat

Sore Throat is often a symptom of Cough, Colds or flu


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