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How to speed recovery

To alleviate severe sore throat pain more quickly, supplementary to medication, other factors that also can affect recovery, should be kept in mind.

  1. Easing the burden. When children or adults suffer from a sore throat, they should talk less, try not to breathe through their mouth, and stay warm.
  2. Moisten and cleanse the inflamed areas. When you have a sore throat, using a gargle or inhaler, medicinal or not, helps to clear the inflamed mucous membranes, as well as moisten them.
  3. Avoid damaging factors. Smoking, polluted air, hot and (or) spicy food have a detrimental effect on mucous membranes in the oral-pharyngeal cavity. To alleviate a sore throat, it is best to limit the impact of these factors: try not to smoke and avoid excessively hot meals.