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Sore throat

We all sometimes suffer from a sore throat without having a high temperature. Sometimes the throat hurts a little, there's a tickle causing mild discomfort or swallowing suddenly becomes painful. These feelings may be an indication of an insignificant little cold. Unfortunately, people often prefer to ignore these symptoms, continuing to live a normal life without going to see the doctor.



Any pain in the throat is a precursor or symptom of an illness indicative of the presence of infection in the body. This disturbing sign requires action under medical supervision. But if the sore throat pain is so bad that it becomes impossible to swallow saliva, or if you notice one of the following symptoms: swollen lymph glands, the appearance of a rash, a severe headache and a change in the color of the urine, then you should definitely not put off your visit to the doctor.



 Pharyngitis, inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall. When you have pharyngitis, not only do you have pain when you swallow, but you also suffer from throat congestion and a hacking cough.

Tonsillitis, inflammation of the amygdala, also known as tonsils. Tonsillitis is usually accompanied by a pronounced constricting pain in the throat and a burning sensation when swallowing.

Angina (acute tonsillitis). The main symptoms of angina include a raised temperature, an inflamed throat (congested mucous membranes in the throat) and a sore throat.

Laryngitis involves the inflammation of the throat and vocal chords. The voice becomes hoarse, there is an extremely ticklish feeling in the throat and the cough is dry.



In cases of laryngitis, angina and pharyngitis, in addition to sore throat pain and weakness, you often notice the usual signs of a cold. These include: a raised temperature, enlarged lymphatic glands, a headache and a feeling of lethargy. In any case, acting on the result of an examination and assessment of your complaint, the doctor will give a precise diagnosis and offer the necessary help for your sore throat. The need for a medical examination is also caused by the fact that lack of prompt treatment can have more serious consequences, namely complications with regard to kidney function, rheumatic heart disease, peritonsillar abscesses, etc.


If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
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