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In accordance with the doctor's advice, the treatment of chronic tonsillitis should include the following: local treatment (keeping warm, gargling, etc.), bed rest and, if need be, treatment with anti-microbial products (antibiotics).

Gargling is one of the most effective methods of both treatment and prevention of tonsillitis. Many people know how to treat tonsillitis using natural remedies: solutions made from chamomile, sage and salt have always been popular. They eliminate the inflammation and physically cleanse the mucous membranes. However, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to not only clear the symptoms of a chronic illness, but also to eliminate the agent causing the periodic flare-ups. What you use to gargle is important: to eradicate the inflammation and obtain a long-lasting result, you should use antiseptic gargles that eliminate the pathogenic micro-organisms and ensure a complete cure before the disease becomes chronic.

Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®) not only removes the symptoms behind the flare-up, but also treats the throat, eliminating the infection.

Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®)fights the main cause of a chronic sore throat, namely the infection, enabling a rapid recovery, while the essential oil of eucalyptus, one of its components, helps to soothe the sore throat accompanying the flare-up of tonsillitis.