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Bactidol® works in as fast as 30 seconds to kill up to 99% of sore throat causing viruses so it doesn't worsen to a cough, cold or flu.*

When the first symptoms of an infection appear in the oral cavity and throat, most people turn to the simplest natural remedy – warm water with salt. However, they do not treat as much as mask the irritation and soreness since they are not targeting the cause behind these unpleasant symptoms.

Treat, not mask

The main difference between Bactidol® and other treatment options is that it fights the primary cause: the diseases (infectious and inflammatory), and does not merely disguise their appearance, helping to soothe the pain.

Bactidol® solution contains Hexetidine. It is a powerful antiseptic that destroys up to 99% of sore throat causing viruses1 and remains active for up to 12 hours.

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