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Bactidol® works in as fast as 30 seconds to kill up to 99% of sore throat causing viruses so it doesn’t worsen to a cough, cold or flu.





Each 100 mL contains Hexetidine 100 mg and alcohol 9%




The antibacterial effect of Bactidol® is linked to the suppression of the oxidative reactions of the metabolism of the bacteria (thiamine antagonist). The product possesses a wide spectrum of antibacterial and anti-fungal effects, particularly in relation to gram-positive bacteria and fungi belonging to the Candida genus, but Bactidol® can also be effective in treating infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Proteus species, for example. The product suppresses most bacterial strains in concentrations of 100 mg/ml. Drug-resistance has not been observed. Hexetidine has a mild anaesthetic effect on the mucous membranes.



Hexetidine adheres to the mucous membranes very effectively and is practically not absorbed by them.

After a single application of the active ingredient, its effects on the gingival mucosa are in evidence within 65 hours. Active concentrations remain in the bacterial plaque for 10-14 hours after use.



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