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From what age can I give Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®) to children?

Parents often ask if they can treat their children's sore throat with Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®). From what age is treatment with these products recommended?

General recommendations, explained in detail in the instructions for use, including for children, are as follows:

Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®) can be used by children from 6 years of age. However, you should be certain the child is able to gargle and will not accidentally swallow the solution.

Before starting treatment with Hexetidine (BACTIDOL®), you should consult a doctor or pediatrician, qualified to make a diagnosis, prescribe a course of treatment and correct dosage. You should bear in mind that adults must always supervise the use of any medicines by children.

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.